Pedestrians Who Have Been Injured by a Pedestrian

One of the more common types of pedestrian accidents is a pedestrian fender bender. These accidents can occur in a variety of different circumstances and can cause many different types of injuries to victims. These are just a few of the injuries that people who have been involved in fender benders are likely to experience, but there are far more serious injuries that can occur.

Common Types of Pedestrian Fender Benders Injuries. TBIs are caused by a blow to the skull or brain, which in many instances is the result of an automobile accident, sometimes resulting from a pedestrian fender bender.

Head injuries can come from being struck by an object such as a vehicle or a fence, while the victim is in a dangerous position or when they are in a place where they cannot get assistance. This type of injury often results in permanent damage, if it is not immediately treated.

Head injuries caused by a pedestrian fender bender can also result from a broken bone, an impact to the face, an accident that involves a hard object striking the skull, or even a brain injury. If a brain injury results from a fender bender, it will be a much more serious problem than a broken bone that requires stitches.

Spinal injuries can also result from a pedestrian fender bender and can result in permanent disability. When the victim hits their head on a vehicle and then gets up, their head may be twisted, causing severe pain. While the person may think they are okay, their injury can continue to worsen and eventually be life-threatening.

Pedestrians who are involved in an accident may also suffer from brain damage after being struck by an automobile. This type of brain injury is usually caused by a small amount of damage to the brain and other internal organs such as the kidneys and the heart and can result in a life long disability if the victim does not receive treatment immediately.

There are various levels of severity of the injuries and disabilities that can be caused by a pedestrian fender bender. The level that is most commonly found after a crash is the minor level which occurs when the victim is injured in the neck or back.

Serious injuries and disabilities caused by a pedestrian fender bender could be due to a more serious injury and cause the victim to suffer from traumatic brain injuries, a serious brain injury, or even a death. It is important to contact a personal injury attorney quickly after experiencing a fender bender to make sure that the driver or owners of any vehicles involved in the accident take immediate action to ensure that the victims are receiving appropriate medical treatment for their injuries.